Young People’s Meeting

Sunday 5.00 pm, University Term-time

For secondary school and university students, this meeting offers the chance to discuss some of the most important issues facing young people today from a Biblical perspective.

Each week, a different topic will introduced by one of the leaders before all the young people will be invited to contribute. To help fuel discussion, toast will be provided.

Any student is welcome to attend, regardless of their beliefs. The meeting will end in good time for our evening service at 6:30, to which all the young people are also warmly invited.

The first meeting of this academic year will take place on Sunday 1 October in the church. A schedule of topics for the term will be decided on during this meeting.

We look forward to seeing you there!

As a church, we are committed to the welfare of children. You are invited to read our Safeguarding Children: Principles and Procedures.